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The success of a company like ours depends directly on the skills, talent and commitment of its human resources. Do you want to put your knowledge and expertise to work in a high-caliber team? Do you have a passion for people and business? Do you like challenges? We want to know you!


Advancement Opportunities

Given the importance and diversity of the group, our employees have exciting advancement opportunities within the company. Thus, depending on their training, their capacities and performance, all employees can achieve their career goals within the company itself.

Working conditions

We recognize the importance of providing working conditions that are representative of the industry’s practices. That’s why we offer to frequently meet our employees and their supervisors, to review their results and career goals. These meetings allow for a review of their working conditions, if necessary.

Group Insurance

We offer a complete and competitive group insurance program which covers life insurance, long term disability, medicines and dental and medical care. This plan can be offered as an individual, family or single parent coverage, depending on the employee’s situation.

Continuing Education

In order to prepare the next generation to the challenges ahead, we promote our employees’ development through a customized ongoing training program. We strongly encourage our employees to let us know their training needs, so that each of them can develop within the company.

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