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Hot Tapping

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Houle H2O Inc. has over 20 years of expertise in the water systems’ field. Their philosophy is to provide an outstanding service to their customers thanks to its expertise and highly specialized employees.

We specialize in hot tapping connections on all types of drinking water pipes. Drilling diameters range from 3/4 to 36″ inches on pipes up to 96 inches.

Hot tapping aims to achieve a mechanical T-valve installation to supply a new network without any water interruption, therefore eliminating contamination risks, valve closing and chlorination.

Under pressure valve inserts (EZ valve) are also a Houle H2O specialty. The insertion valve is a new technology used to install a valve on an existing network without any water interruption. The valve cap can be removed in case of a temporary blockage. This insertion method eliminates valve manipulation on interrelated networks, as well as chlorination and contamination risks.

We also execute pressurized line blockages. Line stopping consists in sealing a pipe in one or two areas to isolate a section. The flow stopping is done by using a deployment guillotine which can be used to install a bypass line.